Lambton County

Caring, Growing, Innovative
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The County of Lambton is a municipal corporation known as an "upper tier" municipality.  "Lower tier" municipalities, also known as "local" municipalities include:

The Municipality of Brooke-Alvinston
The Township of Dawn-Euphemia
The Township of Enniskillen
The Municipality of Lambton Shores
The Village of Oil Springs
The Town of Petrolia
The Town of Plympton-Wyoming
The Village of Point Edward
The City of Sarnia
The Township of St. Clair
The Township of Warwick 

The County is governed by County Council, which is made up of 17 representatives from the 11 local municipalities.  The local municipalities' Mayors, along with additional Councillor appointees when more than one County Council seat exists, come together to represent the entire County.

County Council elects a Warden and Deputy Warden from amongst the Councillors every two years in December.  The Warden chairs County Council meetings and represents the County at a wide range of functions and activities.

Each County Councillor sits on one of two standing committees that meet monthly:

1) Committee A.M. (Infrastructure & Development Services; Public Health Services; Cultural Services)
2) Committee P.M. (Long-Term Care; Corporate Services; Finance, Facilities, and Court Services; Social Services)

At these committee meetings, staff make recommendations to Councillors, who in turn make recommendations to County Council.  Council meets monthly (typically the first Wednesday of the month) to consider the Committees' recommendations.

Committee meetings are typically held on the third Wednesday of each month and members for 2019-20 include:

Committee A.M.: Brian White (Chair), Dave Ferguson (Vice-Chair), Margaret Bird, Mike Bradley, Kevin Marriott, Steve Miller, Lonny Napper, Ian Veen and Warden Bill Weber.

Committee P.M.: Jackie Rombouts (Chair), Al Broad (Vice-Chair), Steve Arnold, Dave Boushy, Doug Cook, Bev Hand, Brad Loosley, Mike Stark and Warden Bill Weber.