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 Ticket Options 

You must choose one of the three options listed on your offence notice within 15 days.  The County of Lambton provides an additional 15 days (30 days in total) from the offence date to choose an option.  Keep in mind that not all jurisdictions follow the same practice.  If you do not respond to the charge within 30 days, the Justice of the Peace will request a conviction and additional costs will be applied.  The three options include:


  • Option 1:  Plead Guilty - Voluntary Payment: You are stating that you are guilty and you must pay the Total Payable amount indicated on your offence notice. (This amount includes a Victim Fine Surcharge.)  You can pay the fine in person at any Provincial Offences Office in the Province of Ontario, by mail with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) or cheque (payable to the "County of Lambton") or at   (Never send cash in the mail.)     


  • Option 2:  Plead Guilty with an Explanation - You are pleading guilty to the offence but you wish to explain your financial circumstances to the Justice of the Peace to ask for more time to pay or possibly a reduced amount.  This option does not change the charge, or any demerit points associated with the charge.   The conviction will be registered the same day because you are pleading guilty.  To choose this option, please bring your offence notice with you and attend court on Thursdays only at 9:00 a.m. sharp.  The Provincial Offences Court is located on the second floor of the Bayside Centre, 150 N. Christina Street, Sarnia, Ontario.  Please check for any scheduled court cancellations on this website before your visit.   The Bayside Centre offers three hours of free underground parking, with the entrance located on Vidal Street.


  • Option 3:  Trial Option - You are pleading not guilty and requesting a trial.  Please sign where indicated on your offence notice and either mail it or drop it off at the Court Services Department. The Department will notify you of the court date by mail. You will also receive instructions about the possibility of having a Resolution Meeting with the Municipal Prosecutor.