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 Sustainable Lambton 

Sustainable development "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" - United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987. 

By establishing an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, the County of Lambton is recognizing the interconnected nature of its operations, community health, and the four lenses (or pillars) of sustainability.

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The County's Integrated Community Sustainability Plan is founded upon six principles of sustainability and was created through consultation with community representatives, with support from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities through an agreement with the Association of Municipalities Ontario.

As the central principle of community sustainability, public participation is essential to development and implementation of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan. That is why the County has created this form for you to send us your thoughts and feedback. For more information, please see the Resources page. 



What can the ICSP do for you?

Anything and everything! The ICSP framework is open to any initiatives that seek to improve the sustainability of Lambton County - from bike lanes to local food.

What can you do for the ICSP?

Contribute your thoughts! The central principle of sustainability is community participation and engagement - your ideas matter.

How to get involved:

Check out the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

View the Bluewater Sustainability Initiative's Sarnia-Lambton Community Snapshot (2014).

 Energy Consumption

In accordance with the Province of Ontario's Green Energy Act (2009) the County of Lambton makes available energy consumption data for its major facilities, on an annual basis.