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The Accessibility Advisory Committee annually advises Lambton County Council on the preparation, implementation and effectiveness of its Accessibility Plan.  The Committee also provides advice to Council on the accessibility for persons with a disability to a building, structure or premise, or part of a building, structure or premise:

  • That the Council purchases, constructs or significantly renovates;
  • For which Council enters into a new lease; or,
  • That a person provides as municipal capital facilities under an agreement entered into with the Council in accordance with Section 210.1 of the Municipal Act.


The Committee also reviews and recommends changes to the annual accessibility plan drafted by the Accessibility Staff Working Group.

The Accessibility Advisory Committee consists of seven people appointed by County Council.  A County Councillor serves the Committee as Chair and two staff members are appointed to the Committee.  The remaining four positions on the Committee are appointed citizen.

County Council appointed the current members of the County of Lambton Accessibility Advisory Committee for a two-year term. Committee members are:

  • Lonny Napper – Chairperson, Lambton County Councillor
  • Debbie Draganits – City of Sarnia resident
  • Gordon Dingle – City of Sarnia resident
  • Luana Cameron – City of Sarnia resident
  • Sarah Shephard – St. Clair Township resident
  • Greg With – Community Resource and Wyoming resident
  • Chris Veenema – Staff Member, County of Lambton
  • Heather Allen – Staff Member, County of Lambton


The Accessibility Advisory Committee meets four times per year or as required at various locations within the County.