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 Procurement & Project Management 


The County of Lambton purchases a significant amount of goods and services in its daily operations.  The Corporation governs expenditures utilizing a Council approved Purchasing Policy.  This policy dictates the method to be employed when purchasing any item or service, dependent upon the commodity and the dollar value of the order.

The Corporation endeavours to ensure that all qualified vendors have the opportunity to bid on goods and services required.  The Purchasing Policy assures that all vendors are treated in a fair and equitable manner.  Staff must also adhere to a code of ethics in all purchase related decisions.

County-issued Requests for Quotation, Tender or Proposal are posted to In addition and when determined to be appropriate, advertisement will be placed  in local, regional or national newspapers.  In addition to having primary responsibility for the oversight of the Corporation's purchasing activities, the Department also provides other Departments and Divisions with project management and oversight expertise.  Staff have extensive experience with the day-to-day supervision of both large, complex construction projects and smaller more detailed jobs.  They understand the reality of construction, keep informed of new technologies and techniques and products, to be in a position to help ensure that maximum benefit at minimum cost can be reached.

The Procurement and Project Management Department also oversees facilities planning including, but not limited to, construction, renovations, additions and maintenance of all  buildings owned by the County of Lambton.

Visit the County of Lambton's Procurement and Projects page to register and view current open tenders and bids.

View the County of Lambton's Contractor Health and Safety page.

For more information,  contact:
Rob King, Manager, Procurement and Projects (A)
Telephone:  519 845-5401
Toll Free:  1-866-324-6912