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Paying a Provincial Offences Notice
After being issued an offence notice, you have 15 days to respond by choosing one of three options listed on your ticket.  In Lambton, if you do not respond you will be convicted of an offence after 30 days and you will receive a Notice of Fine and Due Date informing you of the conviction and the payment due date. 

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Payments can be made:

  • In person at the County of Lambton Court Services Department with cash, debit, cheque, money order, visa or mastercard.
  • In person at any Provincial Offences Court in the Province of Ontario.
  • By mail with a credit card payment (visa or mastercard only) or cheque (made payable to the County of Lambton) or money order.   (For U.S. and international residents, please ensure it is an international  money order and cashable in Canada.)
  • Online at (Note: Overdue parking infractions cannot be paid online at this time.  Please also note partial payments cannot be made online.  Online payments must be paid in full.   Mastercard or Visa accepted only.   Visa Debits are not accepted at this time.) 

It is your responsibility to pay the fine(s) by the due date provided. If you fail to pay, a $40.00 default fee will be added and enforcement such as driver's licence suspension, licence plate denial, addition of your fine to your property taxes, civil action or reporting the outstanding debt to a collection agency may be taken against you.

Note:  If a licence suspension is issued for an unpaid fine, the Ministry of Transportation (Service Ontario) charges a re-instatement fee which must be paid at any Service Ontario location.  Currently this fee is $198.00

Effective May 1, 2017, new regulations (Bill 31, Making Ontario's Roads Safer Act, 2015)expanded the province's existing licence plate denial regime to include defaulted driver Provincial Offences Act (POA) fines.  Driving-based POA offences noted under section 46 of the Highway Traffic Act that currently result in a driver's licence suspension upon fine default, will also be subject to plate denial.  Operational improvements have also been made to permit clients to pay their defaulted driver's fines through Service Ontario, either online or in person.  (Defaulted driver fines with a conviction date prior to May 1, 2010, must still be paid through the appropriate court).

It is each individual's responsibility to ensure they are a valid, licenced driver in Ontario and this information is available at Service Ontario. (The public hotline number for Driver Control is 1-800-303-4993.)  To learn more about re-instating an Ontario driver's license number, visit Service Ontario.  

Paying an Overdue Parking Infraction
Parking tickets issued in the County of Lambton are payable at the municipality where they were issued within the first 40 days. (All municipal addresses can be located on the back of every parking infraction.) When a parking infraction is not paid within that time period, some municipalities will forward it to the Court Services Department for processing and enforcement.  A $16.00 court cost is added to the original fine amount. (Example:  A $20.00 parking ticket will now be $36.00.)  You will then receive a Notice of Fine and Due Date in the mail. If the fine is not paid by the due date, a $40.00 default fee will be added and your licence plate will be placed in plate denial.  This means you will be unable to renew your license plate until the parking ticket(s) or any defaulted driver's fine(s), where conviction is older that 2010, are paid. (See new regulations effective May 1, 2017 above).  Once these fines are in plate denial, they can also be paid at Service Ontario. 

Payment Plans/Applications for Extension for Time to Pay
If you cannot pay your outstanding fine in full and would like to discuss payment options, please contact/attend the Court Services Department to discuss applications for extension for time to pay, payment plan(s), or automatic debit withdrawals. The Justice of the Peace reviews the applications and makes a decision to approve or deny the application.  A letter informing you of the decision will be mailed to you.