Lambton County

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 Local Municipalities 

The County of Lambton is comprised of an "upper-tier" and a "lower-tier". The upper-tier is the County government itself, while the lower-tier is comprised of eleven "lower tier" or "local" municipalities.

The local municipalities are responsible for areas such as tax collection, recreation (arenas, parks, etc.), fire protection, policing, animal control, garbage & recycling collection, water, sewers, municipal drains and parking enforcement among others. Members of local municipal councils are elected every four years by the eligible voters of each municipality.

The County government or upper-tier is responsible for Provincial Offences Court administration, land use planning, long-term care facilities, community health protection, social services, housing services, landfills, libraries and museums among others. Both the upper-tier and lower-tier governments share responsibilities for the care and maintenance of roads, bridges and building inspection/zoning administration.


Municipality of Brooke-Alvinston

3236 River Street

Box 28 Alvinston, ON  N0N 1A0

Tel. 519-898-2173

Fax: 519-898-5653

Township of Dawn-Euphemia

4591 Lambton Line

RR 4 Dresden, ON  N0P 1M0

Tel. 519-692-5148

Fax: 519-692-5511

Township of Dawn-Euphemia

Township of Enniskillen

4465 Rokeby Line

RR 1 Petrolia, ON N0N 1R0

Tel. 519 882-2490

Fax: 519 882-3335

Township of Enniskillen

Municipality of Lambton Shores

7883 Amtelecom Parkway

Forest, ON  N0N 1J0

Tel. 519-786-2335

Fax: 519-786-2135

Municipality of Lambton shores 

Village of Oil Springs

4591 Oil Springs Line

Box 22 Oil Springs, ON N0N 1P0

Tel. 519 834-2939

Fax: 519 834-2333

Village of Oil Springs

Town of Petrolia

411 Greenfield Street

Box 1270 Petrolia, ON  N0N 1R0

Tel. 519-882-2350

Fax: 519-882-3373

Town of Petrolila

Town of Plympton-Wyoming

546 Niagara Street

Box 250 Wyoming, ON  N0N 1T0

Tel. 519-845-3939

Fax: 519-845-0597

Town of Plympton-Wyoming

Village of Point Edward

135 Kendall Street

Point Edward, ON N7V 4G6

Tel. 519 337-3021

Fax: 519 337-5963

Village of Point Edward

City of Sarnia

255 North Christina Street

Box 3018 Sarnia, ON  N7T 7N2

Tel. 519-332-0330

Fax: 519-332-3995

City of Sarnia

Township of St. Clair

1155 Emily Street

Mooretown, ON  N0N 1M0

Tel. 519-867-2021

Fax: 519-867-5509

Township of St. Clair

Township of Warwick

6332 Nauvoo Road

RR 8 Watford, ON  N0M 2S0

Tel. 519-849-3926

Fax: 519-849-6136

Township of Warwick



The L.A.W.S.S. (Lambton Area Water Supply System) is a collection of six municipalities united in the delivery of safe, clean water at an affordable price.