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 Lambton County Radio Club 

In 2010, the Lambton County Radio Club  once again participated in the Ham Radio Field Day, held between June 26 & 27 in Gorman Park in Oil City.  Over 30,000 volunteer Amateur Radio Operators from all over North America take part in the 24 hour event.  The Lambton County Club operated on back-up power, using only temporary antennas in order to hone their communications and technical skills which may be needed during times of emergency.

The Ham Radio slogan "When All Else Fails" is more than just mere words to most Ham Operators.  Over and over again, they have proven that they are well able to get messages through without the use of land-line or cellular telephone networks, the Internet, or most other communication systems which can become unusable or overwhelmed during emergencies.

Through their work with such organizations as the Radio Amateurs of Canada (, and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), Hams in Lambton County are a part of many local emergency response plans.  Many members also donate their time, talent and unique communications skills as trained storm spotters for Environment Canada.

Currently, there are over 60,000 licensed Amateur Radio Operators in Canada, and more than 2.5 Million worldwide.

 Lambton County Radio Club 01

 Lambton County Radio Club 02


Lambton County Radio Club member Bob Thompson (right) explains to 2010 Warden Jim Burns (left) how radio contacts are made throughout North America using just back-up power and temporary antennas, while Jerian Latawiec operates the radio equipment. 


The purpose of the 24 hour event is to simulate radio communications under less than ideal situations such as emergencies (June 2008).


Radio Club President Keith Baker (left) joins the conversation between 2010 Warden Burns and Mr. Thompson.


Over 500 contacts were made during the course of the event – the furthest contact being in the state of Hawaii!