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 Sewage System Permits 

The Building Services Department issues permits and conducts inspections within the County of Lambton on:

  • New septic system installations
  • Alterations to existing systems
  • Failed septic systems


A sewage system permit is required for any new installations or major repairs to an existing septic system. (ie. Replacing tank only or replacing bed only.)  For septic applications, please download the following file:

Septic Permit Application

An existing septic system must be evaluated in the event an owner wishes to:

  • Increase the number of bedrooms in an existing dwelling
  • Add new plumbing fixtures to the existing dwelling
  • Increase the gross size of the dwelling by 15% or more


Any septic system that has a capacity of 10,000 litres/day are directly administered by the Ministry of Environment

Individuals who are planning to build an addition or make some renovations to their dwelling that would increase the number of bedrooms, plumbing fixtures, or increase the gross area of the structure by 15% or more are required to completed the PDF form below.  This allows the Building Services Department to determine if the existing septic system will be able to handle the additional sewage flows.

Septic Assessment Form

If you have any questions or require any information, please contact:

Building Services Department
789 Broadway Street, Box 3000
Wyoming, ON  N0N 1T0
Telephone: 519 845-5420
Toll-free: 1-866-324-6912
Fax: 519 845-3817