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In 2007, The Corporation of the County of Lambton formed a Committee known as the Going Green Committee, which consisted of employees representing the Corporation's various departments.  The mandate of the Committee is to increase awareness of the part individuals' personal choices can play in delivering sustainable development and to secure their cooperation and commitment to changing their lifestyles so as to reduce their impact on the environment.

Corporate Clean Air Plan

As part of the Committee's work, the Corporate Clean Air Plan was created and adopted by Lambton County Council.  The purpose of the Clean Air Plan is to reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gases (GHG’s) into the air, to alleviate health and environmental impacts associated with air pollution and climate change in our community. The primary goal is to improve the health and quality of life of residents in Lambton County by reducing the amount of air pollution released through sustainable municipal actions.

In demonstrating a leadership role, the County of Lambton hopes to encourage other local businesses and organizations to adopt similar Clean Air Plans to improve air quality. The County of Lambton plan is modelled on best practices from other municipalities in Ontario that have implemented Clean Air Plans.

 Corporate Clean Air Plan

Idle Free Zone Sign Graphic  

As part of the Corporation's Clean Air Plan, idling is not permitted outside of County of Lambton owned or operated facilities. Please assist the Committee when you visit a facility near you by choosing to be idle-free.

The Committee also frequently promotes the safe and environmentally-friendly disposal of many items including refrigerators, batteries, electronics, paint cans, light bulbs and other household hazardous materials.