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 Special Needs Housing 

A unit is considered to be special needs if it has been modified to provide accessibility and/or provincially funded support services are in place.

Some special needs housing providers maintain their own waiting lists for special needs housing. The Housing Services Department can provide information on how and where to apply for Special Needs Housing in the County of Lambton.

A household is eligible for special needs housing if one or more of its members provide verification in writing from a doctor or support agency that accessibility modifications or provincially-funded support services are required in order to live independently in the community. A household need not be eligible for rent-geared-to-income assistance in order to be eligible for special needs housing.

If the household requires rent geared-to-income assistance, the household will be referred to the Housing Services Department.

To get more information about the policy for Special Needs Housing please contact Housing Services Department at 519-344-2057 ext 2036.