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Child Care Costs
Subsidized childcare is available through the Social Planning and Children’s Services Department to individuals not receiving social assistance based on financial need, as well as to Ontario Works participants. A fee assessment is required with a Child Care Caseworker.   To support employment and training activities in Ontario Works, child care costs paid directly by a parent may be used as an exemption which reduces the amount of employment income deducted from social assistance.

Advanced Child Care Payment
An upfront child care payment may be provided to pay in advance for child care necessary to permit employment or an employment assistance activity.

Dental Services
The following are basic and emergency dental services available for Ontario Works Participants:

  • For children 17 years and under, basic dental services are covered however there are limits on how often a person may receive some types of care
  • For persons 18 years and over, emergency dental care only for relief of pain is covered and is generally limited to extractions and some fillings; no cleanings or checkups


Lambton Public Health works with Ontario Works in administering this program through the use of the dental card attached to the Participant’s monthly statement. Clients and dental offices can find further details at

Diabetic and Surgical Supplies
Assistance with the costs of diabetic supplies may be provided to Ontario Works Participants. Surgical supplies are items such as catheters, colostomy supplies, incontinence supplies, and others as required. Medical verification and pre-approval is required.

Employment Benefits
The Full-Time Employment Benefit (FTEB) is provided to eligible recipients for expenses associated with beginning or changing to new full time employment of 30 hours or more per week.  The Other Employment and Assistance Activities Benefit is provided to eligible recipients who begin or change part time employment or employment assistance activities.  Expenses that may be covered under both benefits include items such as appropriate work wear, licensing fees, necessary tools or equipment and transportation costs.

Extended Employment Health Benefit
The Extended Employment Health Benefit is provided to recipients exiting Ontario Works assistance due to employment, where medical coverage is not yet provided by the employer.   Coverage is for up to one year or until the employer offers health benefits.  If determined to be eligible, coverage includes items such as prescription drugs, dental and vision care, medical supplies, medical transportation and routine eye examinations.

Funerals and Burials
Assistance with funeral and burial costs may be available to individuals in receipt of Ontario Works assistance or the Ontario Disability Support Program.   To apply for funeral and burial assistance, call 519 344-2057.

Medical Travel and Transportation
Assistance with costs for travel to attend medical appointments, therapy, or counselling may be provided to Ontario Works Participants. Medical verification is required.

Prescription Drugs
Recipients are provided with drug coverage for each month they are eligible to receive Ontario Works assistance. Coverage is limited to items approved under the Ontario Drug Benefit Program. Drug cards are valid for one month only and are attached to the individual’s monthly statement for presentation to the pharmacist.   Recipients exiting social assistance with high health costs may be eligible to receive extended health benefits if their eligible health costs are higher than the amount by which their income exceeds Ontario Works assistance.

Coverage of prosthetic appliances such as back braces and hearing aids may be provided if no other coverage is available. Pre-approval is required.

Special Diets
An amount for certain special diets as prescribed by a health care professional may be issued in addition to the monthly amount for basic needs and shelter.

Vision Care
Dependent children of Ontario Works Participants receive mandatory coverage for purchase and repair of lenses and frames, subject to a maximum amount.  Vision care for adults is a discretionary benefit for Ontario Works Participants and may be pre-approved upon presentation of a prescription from an approved eye care professional subject to a maximum amount.