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 Employment Supports 

Ontario Works legislation requires that those receiving social assistance actively participate in employment assistance activities designed to assist participants in obtaining skills that support progress towards sustainable employment.

Participants will work with their Caseworker to develop personalized plans and be provided with access to the supports and resources needed to achieve the goals set out in their employment plan.

Employment assistance activities and supports may include:

  • Job Search tools and strategies
    • Resume preparation
    • Interview tips and techniques
    • Job Finding Workshops
    • Employment Action Centre
  • Educational Services
    • Literacy Programs
    • Upgrading through the school boards or Lambton College
    • Introduction to Computers
    • Computer Upgrading
  • Training Opportunities
    • Job Connect
    • YMCA READY Program
    • Apprenticeship opportunities
    • Minor certification training
  • Community Placement is any unpaid community service activity in a non-profit or public sector agency
  • Employment Placement matches qualified participants to open employment opportunities. Employers may be eligible for funding for up to six months to assist with the placement.
  • The Employment Resource Centre at Lambton Shared Services Centre is available to everyone looking for work and provides:
    • Internet access and use of computers for resume making
    • Photocopier, fax machine, telephones
    • Basic computer workshops
      Knowledgable resource advisors
    • All services are free
  • Supports to self employment is managed by specialized caseworkers who assist participants interested in and motivated to become self employed
  • Services available for people with special needs/disabilities
    • The Work Place
    • Job Start - Employment Readiness workshops
    • Opportunities Fund - Employment assistance for disabled persons


Employment Benefits

Costs associated with beginning or changing employment or employment assistance activities may be provided to support participants as they progress towards their goals.