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 Postal Service Disruption 

Postal Disruption Q & A for Those in Receipt of Ontario Works

Due to recent Canada Post mail service disruptions, the County of Lambton has implemented special procedures to ensure residents living in Lambton County receive their December Ontario Works payments in a timely manner.

1) When will I receive my December Ontario Works payment?

If you have direct bank deposit, your assistance will be deposited into your bank account as usual.  

If you usually receive your cheque in the mail, you will need to pick up your cheque in person at Lambton Shared Services Centre in the Bayside Centre starting Thursday, November 29 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

2) Do I need to make an appointment, or bring anything?
No appointment is needed. You do need to bring a piece of identification to pick up your cheque.

3) If postal service is still impacted mid-month, how do I send in my Statement of Income and pay stubs?
You can pick-up and drop off  information at the Ontario Works office in the Lambton Shared Services Centre, located in the Bayside Centre, Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. There is also a silver drop off box for Ontario Works information outside of the Lochiel Street entrance of the Bayside Centre.

4) I just applied for Ontario Works assistance, and the Caseworker told me to mail in my outstanding information.   Should I put it in the mail?   
To avoid delays, please have any information brought directly to the Ontario Works office in the Lambton Shared Services Centre in the Bayside Centre. It can also be faxed via 519-344-2023 to the Ontario Works Department. The fax should include your name and your Caseworker's name.

5) I do not have transportation and cannot pick up my cheque.  What do I do?
Contact your Ontario Works Caseworker to discuss options.

6) If postal service is not fully restored by January 2019, will this same process be followed?  
The Ontario Works Department will have plans in place to ensure people without direct bank deposit receive their assistance in a timely manner. Please monitor for updates on those plans.

7) How do I set up direct bank deposit?
It is strongly encouraged that people sign up for Direct Bank Deposit service. Please bring in a void cheque or Authorization form from your bank so Direct Bank Deposit can be set up for future assistance payments. You can also contact your Caseworker for more information on setting up Direct Bank Deposit.