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 Social Assistance Appeals 

There may be times when an individual disagrees with decisions that are made about his/her social assistance. When this happens, a Participant can write to his/her Caseworker to request an internal review within 30 days of receiving notification of the decision. An Ontario Works staff person, other than the person who made the original decision, will review the decision. Within ten days of the request the individual will receive a written notice telling them of the outcome of the internal review.

If the Participant still disagrees with the decision, the individual may submit an appeal to the Social Benefits Tribunal. The Tribunal is an independent body, appointed by the Provincial Government to review decisions.

Appeals to the Social Benefits Tribunal must be made in writing and filed within 30 days of receiving the Internal Review Decision Notice. Appeal forms are available at the Lambton Shared Services Centre office or directly from the Tribunal.

Completed forms should be mailed to:

        The Social Benefits Tribunal
        1075 Bay Street, 7th Floor
        Toronto, ON M5S 2B1

Toll free telephone: 1-800-753-3895

For legal assistance, visit