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 Nutrient Management 

Nutrient Management Regulations under the Nutrient Management Act took effect on September 30, 2003, and were amended in 2005. As of December 31, 2005, every farm operation seeking a building permit with respect to a livestock or manure storage facility or creating an earthen manure pit must first have a Nutrient Management Strategy approved by OMAFRA. Operations over 300 Nutrient Units or with land within 100m of a Municipal well, as well as most farms applying ‘non-agricultural source materials’, must also complete a Nutrient Management Plan. Operations under 5 Nutrient Units are exempt from completing either.

By-Law 25 of 2000, being “a By-Law to Regulate Nutrient Management for New or Expanding Livestock Operations in the County of Lambton” was passed by County Council on May 3, 2000.  The By-Law applies to livestock operations of 25 livestock units or more seeking building permits for livestock facilities or manure storages, if those operations are not subject to Provincial Nutrient Management Regulations.

With the amendments to the Provincial Regulations, there will be no new Nutrient Management Strategies or Plans completed under the authority of the Lambton County Nutrient Management By-Law. The role of the County By-Law, how to deal with operations that have completed Nutrient Management Strategies and Plans under the authority of the County By-Law, and whether a new or amended County By-Law is needed are issues currently under review.

Sufficient information about the livestock operation and Nutrient Management Strategy or Plan must be provided along with the building permit application to confirm approval by OMAFRA and compliance with Provincial Regulations and the Minimum Distance Separation requirements in the local Zoning By-law.

Nutrient Management Strategies and Plans must be completed by a person certified under the Provincial Regulations.

Applicants are advised to provide for sufficient lead time to obtain OMAFRA approval when they submit a Nutrient Management Strategy or Plan. Completed Strategies or Plans should be submitted for approval to:

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Nutrient Management Branch Approval
Att. Len Senyshyn
3rd Floor
1 Stone Road West
Guelph, ON  N1G 4Y2

Visit the OMAFRA Nutrient Management page on the Internet.

Questions about the Nutrient Management Regulations and approval process can be directed to OMAFRA staff: 

Richard Brunke
Nutrient Management Engineer
667 Exeter Road
London, Ontario N6E 1L3
Telephone: 519 873-4082
Fax: 519 873- 4062
John Johnson
Ag. Engineer, Approvals under Municipal By-laws
667 Exeter Road
London, ON N6E 1L3
Tel: 519 873-4096
Fax: 519 873-4062

Richard Brunke is the regional contact for environmental issues in Lambton County including: Minimum Distance Separation (MDS) and the Farming and Food Production Protection Act. That includes: Minimum Distance Separation (MDS II) for new livestock and poultry barns; and environmental abatement for farm noise, odour, dust, vibration, flies, light and smoke under the Farming and Food Production Protection Act.

County of Lambton staff who can be contacted regarding questions on the Lambton County Nutrient Management By-law or municipal requirements such as Minimum Distance Separation are:

Will Nywening
Planner, Planning & Development Services
519 845-0801 ext. 5313

Ben Puzanov, MCIP, RPP
Manager, Planning & Development Services
519 845-0801 ext. 5342

Implementation_Guidelines.pdfImplementation Guidelines
MDS_II_Example_1.pdfMDS II Example 1
MDS_II_Example_3.pdfMDS II Example 3
Table_1_Barn_Outdoor_Potential.pdfTable 1 Barn Outdoor Potential
Table_4_Siting_Distances_for_Manure_Storages.pdfTable 4 Siting Distances for Manure Storages
Appendix_A_-_Nutrient_Management_Strategy.pdfAppendix A - Nutrient Management Strategy
Appendix_B_Land_Base_Registration_Form.pdfAppendix B - Land Base Registration Form
Appendix_C_Manure_Application_Agreement.pdfAppendix C - Manure Application Agreement
Appendix_D_Agreement_for_the_Disposal_of_Livestock_Manure.pdfAppendix D - Agreement for the Disposal of Livestock Manure
Appendix_E_Nutrient_Mgmt_Plan_Renewal_Certificates.pdfAppendix E - Nutrient Mgmt Plan Renewal Certificates
Appendix_F_25_Livestock_Units_and_Equivalents_as_per_MDS_II.pdfAppendix F - 25 Livestock Units and Equivalents as per MDS_II
Appendix_G_Overview_of_the_MDS_II_Formula.pdfAppendix G - Overview of the MDS II Formula
MDS_II_Example_2.pdfMDS II Example 2
Nutrient_Management_Bylaw_No._25_of_2000.pdfNutrient Management By-law No. 25 of 2000
Table_2_and_3_Final_Livestock_Units_and_Percentage_Increase.pdfTable 2 and 3 Final Livestock Units and Percentage Increase