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The County of Lambton Social Planning & Children's Services Department focuses on six main areas:

1) Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) - Funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Local Immigration Partnership – or LIP – initiative encourages communities across Ontario to develop a comprehensive plan for the delivery of newcomer services. Collaboration and community participation underpin the research framework in that the resulting settlement and retention strategy will bring together local agencies and organizations to better assist newcomers with improved or integrated programming and services.

2) Social planning examines the community’s needs, based on factors such as demographics and social trends, and recommends action plans to address these needs. Children’s poverty, homelessness and immigrant settlement are examples of social needs that Social Planning may examine.

3) Program support includes the overall administration of the Lambton Shared Services Centre (LSSC), a facility within Bayside Centre. The partnership includes two levels of government and the private sector. Program support ensures that all of the partners’ needs are addressed and that the LSSC is operated efficiently and effectively.

4) The Department also oversees the Circles® Initiative, a hands-on community strategy that helps hard working people transition out of poverty. The Circles® Campaign promotes the vision to end poverty in the County of Lambton by: building intentional relationships across class and race lines, identifying barriers that keep people in poverty, implementing innovative solutions, creating effective partnerships to help families, changing the goals of the system to support families and economic change. To learn more about Circles, visit

5) Staff focusing on compliance ensure program integrity of Ontario Works and evaluate community based programs funded by the County of Lambton to ensure that funds are allocated and used effectively by the agencies.

6) The Department operates a child care subsidy program that helps parents / foster parents / legal guardians with the cost of licensed child care of a child 0-12 years of age. The department also oversees the special needs supports for this age group in the community.  To find licencsed child care in Lambton County please visit

Effective September 1, 2015 all licensed child care in Ontario will be governed by the new Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 (CCEYA).  This Act is intended to strengthen the quality of programs and ensure high quality experiences that lead to positive outcomes in relation to children's learning, development, health and well-being.  For more information on the Act, go to 

For information and resources about child care options visit For more information about the Social Planning & Children's Services Department, contact:

Melissa Fitzpatrick, Manager
150 North Christina Street
Sarnia, ON N7T 8H3
Telephone:  519-344-2062 ext. 2016
Toll-free:  1-800-387-2882