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County Road Network

The Public Works Department is responsible for the upkeep of the County Road System, which includes almost 650 km of roadway, and over 190 bridges and major culverts. The Department ensures that the County Road Network is constructed and maintained in accordance with established industry standards such that users can travel safely and in an efficient manner. Construction projects may include road reconstruction, paving operations, bridge replacement, etc. Maintenance activities may include grading shoulders, preventative maintenance treatments, trimming trees, winter control/snow removal, etc.  Review the County Mailbox Policy within County owned road allowances.

The Public Works Department also protects the County's interests by reviewing various applications for permits with respect to the following:

  • Establishing entrances onto County roads
  • Erecting signs within County owned road allowances
  • The moving of overweight and overdimensional loads on the County Road Network
  • The construction of private pipelines within County owned road allowances

Herbicide Use - Public Notice

The County of Lambton intends to control weeds under the Public Works Pesticide Use exception within its jurisdiction along its rural County Roadsides. Application will commence on June 1, 2019 (weather permitting) and ending June 30, 2019. Click here for information.

Adopt a County Road

The County of Lambton's Adopt a County Road program has been established as a public service for participants to pick-up litter along sections of County Roads. It is a way for environmentally conscious citizens and groups to make a personal contribution to a cleaner environment.  Under the program, groups or individuals agree to adopt a section of  County Road and keep it clean.  In addition to a cleaner environment, the participant(s) are recognized by having a sign erected acknowledging their commitment and effort.

Half Load Restrictions

The County of Lambton places Load Restrictions on numerous roads within the County limits every spring.  The restrictions are put into place to prevent unnecessary damage to County roadways.  Restrictions are typically put into place during the spring thaw, when road damage is most likely to occur due to heavy loading.  This program identifies and imposes load restrictions on roads, or portions of roads that are weakened by excess water in the road base.  Please view the following schedule and map detailing restricted roads within the County of Lambton:
i)    Schedule 'A' - Restricting Weight of Loads during a Reduced Load Period
ii)   Figure 1 - Half Load Restrictions

Signs are erected to notify road users of this restriction.  Below is the type of sign we use for this purpose.  Due to the fluctuating weather patterns and limited frost levels in the ground, the roads affected and the duration of the restricted period will be continually reviewed.  Operations will monitor conditions and amend as appropriate.

No Load Restriction Sign

Once the road has been determined to be structurally sound, load restrictions may be rescinded, typically May 1st.  Your cooperation is appreciated. 


Heavy Truck Restrictions on County Roads

County Council has implemented heavy truck restrictions on sections of the County Roads listed below.

  • County Road 16 - London Road
  • County Road 25 - Confederation Street
  • County Road 29 - Indian Road
  • County Road 7 - Lakeshore Road
  • County Road 11 - Aberarder Line
  • County Road 12 - Townsend Line
  • County Road 26 - Mandaumin Road
  • County Road 30 - Oil Heritage Road
  • County Road 31 - Kimball Road


For the purposes of the By-Law, a Heavy Truck is defined as a commercial vehicle with a GVRW in excess of 28,600 kg. (63,052 lb.).

By-Law 39 of 2009 "A By-Law to Prohibit Trucks on Certain County Highways" was passed at County Council on October 7, 2009.

By-Law 18 of 2010 "A By-Law to Amend the Schedules to By-Law 39 of 2009 for the Prohibition of Heavy Trucks on Certain County Highways" was passed at County Council on May 5, 2010.

Below, is the By-Law with schedules, including the set fines for this By-Law.

 By-Law 39 of 2009 Heavy Truck Restrictions on Certain Highways with Schedules 

Prohibited Highway 2 restriction are on the road sections listed below.
The Prohibited Highway 2 restriction prohibits Heavy Trucks unless they have a pickup or delivery within the municipal boundaries of Sarnia, Plympton-Wyoming or Lambton Shores. See Map 1.

  1. Lakeshore Road (County Road 7) - Mandaumin Road (County Road 26) to King's Highway 21
  2. Aberarder Line (County Road 11) - Lakeshore Road (County Road 7) to Oil Heritage Road (County Road 30)
  3. Townsend Line (County Road 12) - Lakeshore Road (County Road 7) to King Street (King's Highway 21)
  4. Mandaumin Road (County Road 26) - Lakeshore Road (County Road 7) to King's Highway 402
  5. Oil Heritage Road (County Road 30) - Lakeshore Road (County Road 7) to Aberarder Line (County Road 11)


Kimball Road (County Road 31) - Lambton/Chatham-Kent border to Plank Road (County Road 20). See Map 2.

  1. Implemented a Prohibited Highway 1 restriction for trucks on Kimball Road (County Road 31) unless they have a pickup or delivery in Lambton County as per Option #1
  2. Reduced the posted speed from 90 kmph to 80 kmph


City of Sarnia

Implemented a Prohibited Highway 1 restriction on the road sections listed below.  The Prohibited Highway 1 restriction prohibits Heavy Trucks unless they have a pickup or delivery within the municipal boundaries of the County of Lambton. See Map 3.

  1. London Road (County Road 16) - Front Street (County Road 33) to London Line (County Road 22)
  2. Confederation Street (County Road 25) - Ontario Street to Christina Street
  3. Indian Road (County Road 29) - Confederation Street (County Road 25) to Lakeshore Road (County Road 7)


Petrolia Line (County Road 4) - Mandaumin Road (County Road 26) to Oil Heritage Road (County Road 21).  Additional signage directing trucks to Highway 402 will be installed at each end of the above road section. See Map 4.


In an effort to mitigate the impacts of heavy trucks on other sections of County Roads identified through the study, staff are directed to work with the various enforcement agencies (i.e. Ontario Provincial Police, Sarnia Police, Ministry of Transportation, etc.).

For more information please contact the Public Works Department by:

Phone: 519 845-0801
Toll Free: 1-866-324-6912
Fax: 519 845-3872