Past Emergencies

Emergencies from our past can help individuals, households, communities, and organizations learn how to improve responses in future situations.

Learn from past emergencies in Lambton County below.

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Help keep you and your loved ones safe before, during, and after a crisis

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Lambton County is a great place to live but every community has hazards.

When a local emergency occurs, you can receive alerts through My Community Notification Network (MyCNN). If you are a subscriber to MyCNN you can choose how you will be notified - whether by phone, email, text, or phone call (or any combination of these).

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Emergency Response Plans

The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act also requires that municipalities prepare an Emergency Response Plan approved by By-law, and make it available to the public.

County Council approved the current County of Lambton Emergency Response Plan on November 2, 2022, under By-law 23 of 2022.

Emergency Planning Inquiries